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Time to Care – How to love your patients and your job

«If you only read one book about healthcare in your lifetime, whether you are a patient or a professional, let this be the book.»
(Michael Brophy, Irish Society for Quality and Safety in Healthcare)

And that’s true – it’s the best book I have ever read about Healthcare. I am deeply touched and overwhelmed. The author, Robin Youngson, was born in the UK in 1955 and now lives in New Zealand. «As a practicing anesthesiologist, Youngson has for years been a lone voice on the international circuit for compassionate, whole patient care.»

‹Time to Care› is not only about how to treat your patients in a human way and why that is important for the healing process. The author emphasizes that acting compassionate is also important for the well-being of yourself as a healthcare professional. To prove his statements numerous studies are quoted.
As Youngson has worked in hospitals for decades, he knows what he is talking about. I have made many experiences in hospitals that he describes in his book, too. But instead of leaving you alone with these experiences like e. g. ‹House of God› does, the writer demonstrates that cynicism is not the answer to this problem and that there are other approaches. He describes how «health workers can strengthen their hearts, learn the skills of compassionate caring, and rise above institutional limitations to transform patient care  – and rediscover their vocation«. The book is a manual that gives you practicable methods for your daily work to «building a happy and fulfilling practice«.

Website of ‹Time to Care›

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Hearts in Healthcare (HiH)

Hearts in Healthcare was founded in 2012 by Robin Youngson. It is an «inspirational community of health professionals, students, patient advocates, health leaders, and many others who are champions for compassionate care. We believe that bringing like-minded people together is the first step to re-humanizing healthcare around the world».

I am already a member and warmly recommend it!

For more information about organisations and communitys in the field of heartfelt medicine: Map for heartfelt medicine activists.


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